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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mundus Vult Decipi

I have been contemplating for quite some time the condition of our environment in which we find ourselves  and the things that has contributed to our not so well-being. The malaise in which I am hearing and seeing from around the globe give rise to my consciousness that all is not well with the masses. And yet, I will lay the existence of the problem of malaisism (word of my invention-malaisism) to the steps of the people at large, for most are on one side or the other as it relates to the political spectrum, Democrat, Republican, Independent or habitually uninvolved in the political picture. Whether one is active in their environment, and I don't mean only locally but national and even world-wide or not, the actions that has taken place by others are having an effect on you, and in the normal scheme of things, it's not for your good. The people of the United States has far too long relied on their elected representatives to  look out for their welfare , only to be handed farewell notices  as it relates to their livelihood, allow me to illuminate some of the problems that I see those in Congress and  those in the public eye has or is doing to you: (1) jobs has been shipped overseas, which has led to high unemployment, (2) the bundling of mortgage loans and sub-prime loans, that has led to massive foreclosures, while more and more of this nation citizens make their homes under crumbling bridges, tent city (as in the state of Nevada) and dilapidated dwellings, eating out for most now mean to stand in line to eat at a "soup kitchen". But yet, you say, "Ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do for your country," my fellow Americans, the country has already done it to me and you, it's what the screw driver does to a screw, furthermore, you and I reaped only the dreads from the cup, while they drank from the fill of the cup,  while those that were to represent you, they represented themselves; while they live in the White House, you live in the poor house, while they ride in their Cadillacs; you and I have to get back. While they dined in some of the most posh restaurants, you and I could hardly afford a meal served at the shelter.As the mosquitoes prepare to have their meal of us as we try to find cover in our abode of  cardboard boxes and listen-en  to their "singing" and "biting," give us pause in wondering, how are you  scalawags enjoying your evening?  Yes, the world wants to be deceived, and indeed, we have been Hoodwinked. Good nite ma.

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